Quality of the buildings and customer satisfaction

What is the production process like?

If you prefer steady quality, we are the right partner for you as our team is extremely competent and has wide experience in the field. Our utmost goal is the high quality of our buildings accompanied by customer satisfaction. Thus, Valmer Puit OÜ does not offer serial production. If required, the houses can be assembled with all necessary supplies for the building.

The company offers standard designs which can easily be used for designing a completely new house. Manual processing of the logs enables us to create the most unique solutions. One does not buy a house by a phone call – contact us and let us discuss the options face to face. As your future home will also be the home of your family, you should involve your family members to all discussions.

After having learned about your plans, we will draft the initial plan of the house. Your wishes and our long-term experience will make your dream house come true!

• We provide estimated price calculation of the house.
• We help you choose the most suitable solution. If necessary, you can take „time off“ to
discuss it with your family.
• We draw up an agreement according to which the design work shall start.
• When the basic plans and views are completed, we will discuss them with you again.
• When the drawings are acceptable, we will plan the work process.
• We will begin with the production work of the house.
• All the house parts are transported to the site.
• The house is mounted onto a foundation, followed by the installation of roof constructions
and internal work.
• All the requirements set in the agreement are fulfilled mutually.

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